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It is in our DNA – this obsession with ADDING VALUE.We dare say, it is the raison d’etre of our existence. As an organisation, we are unable to conceive a presence in any sphere of activity or engagement, where we do not add value to our customers – our vendors – our team members – to the ecosystem we function in.

It is our firm belief that this is, inter alia, a significant determinant of the fact that we do have a very large and consistent body of satisfied customers.


Engineering & Software services

We offer a range of engineering and software services to help you stay up-to-date, deliver more than expected and save cost by bringing the best softwares to you to increase productivity and efficiency.

3D Printing Services

Sometimes, to enhance print quality, 3D Printed Parts might require Post Processing. These include options like Chemical Treatment, Support Clearance, Painting etc.When required, post processing might be quoted seperately.

IT Training

We offers tailor-made Corporate Training programs to equip your business team to stay up-to-date with the technology acumen for the business role they play. Over 1.5 million professional trained.30 years of qualified training.


Services developed in last 5 years

  • ´Best Training around Engineering Software.
  • ´Depute of Resources at customer’s place for long term project based training.
  • ´Help desk support – already running in Tata Steel – JSR, Bhel – HYD, Bhel – Trichy.
  • ´Complete BIM solutions. – 3D to 7D.
  • ´3D modelling. –Mechanical equipment, Building, Plant, Highways & Bridges etc.
  • ´3D scanning of existing structure and preparing intelligent model from the scanned data.
  • Arial scanning for making 3D model.
  • ´Underground scanning.
  • Customization around Autodesk products.
  • 3D printing.



We have been in existence since the late eighties and have been a keen participant in the revolutionary changes in the way Information Technology has impacted the way we do business.


We are engaged with almost the entire range of products offered by HP and are their most certified, most awarded partner in East.


The Customer is the most important entity in the entire ecosystem. Possibly, it is because of this obsession with the customer, that a very very large proportion of organizations here, repose their confidence in us.