Chemical Plants

Chemical Plant involves industrial process that produces chemicals and the challenge for the chemical industry is sustainability in the current market and requires utmost operational efficiency. The main objective of Chemical Plant is to create new substance wealth via the chemical or biological transformation and or separation of substance. Trisita provides turnkey solutions for Chemical Plant Engineering.

Every step of success is made possible because of our consummate employee base in different fields of engineering. Trisita is having most efficient and experienced employees such as Structural Engineers, Architects, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, 3D Modelers and other professionals who strive to get success for the company by working round the clock with utmost discipline.

Trisita offers innovative and sagacious Steel Structure Designs with the combine efforts of the team by keeping in mind the accelerating demands of the Steel Structures in Civil Industry. The developments of Steel Structure Industry use of Steel Structure for Chemical Plants have increased day by day in mining, metallurgy and oil refining industries, in power plant engineering, the heating platforms, secondary beams, turbines on the roof, coal conveyors, and air refrigeration platforms all adopt steel structures. In the current scenario almost every industry has a preference to create develop steel structures as per their individual requirements.

Comprehensive and customized Chemical Plants Designs executed by Trisita contributes in better construction and also reduces over all time period and helps to stick to predefined budgets. Efficient and tailored made Structural Designs provides faster process to chemical plants. Trisita also provides turnkey Structural Consultancy and Outsourcing Services to Chemical Plants clientele across the world.


  • Provides cost effective steel construction.
  • Long durability of structure with efficient.
  • By maintaining all International Standards for Structural Design provides most echo friendly Structural Solutions.
  • Delivers complete construction documents with various types of drawings that provide ease to onsite assembly.
  • Structural Designs offered by us after the complete calculations of various types of loads such as earthquake load, wind load, water load, dead load, live load etc and are energy efficient in nature.
  • Provides maximum return on investment by applying optimum efforts

Our experts at Trisita cater our clients with 3D Chemical Plant Structure Model as well. 3D Chemical Plant Model will help to get fast retrieval of information and provides clear idea of design. The Chemical Plant Structure raise as per our Structural Design provides fast-track project execution, flexibility to make changes to the process and batch campaigns to meet the market demands.

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