Construction Document Management

Trisita’s construction management system helps its clients to perfect their plans. Our document management tools in BIM help us manage the flow of information between the project participants, securely and efficiently. We facilitate collaboration, information sharing and reporting through BIM, track all project information through it and store them in an electronic content management system. We also burn the documents and manuals to a portable media format and hand it over to our clients, thus smoothing out the handover process and making the manuals more accessible for future use.

We use BIM 360™ Field construction management software and combine mobile technologies with cloud collaboration for on-site construction management. This helps the construction professionals to manage various field processes like the quality, safety, commissioning checklist, plan distribution & drawings. Our BIM 3D model informs and communicates project decisions effectively, thus improving the quality of the construction project by reducing rework, promoting safety and improving commissioning & handover process.


  • Field workflow management
  • Workflow enhancement with BIM
  • Site performance management
  • Project quality assurance & control
  • Contractor risk minimization
  • Improved construction quality
  • Reduced expensive rework
  • Automatic trade work distribution
  • Site issue management on iPad
  • Visualization of current project status