Enffluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Management systems that provide society resourcefully while returning treated wastewater to the environment with negligible significance are necessary upshots for a green and sustainable world. Wastewater Engineering involves the complete water-cycle, from sourcing drinking water supplies in high ground areas to treating and discharging wastewater resulting from urban and industrial activities. In the current scenario of industrialization the wastewater treatment is a mandatory requirement for industry under environment protection norms. To reduce the impact on environment Effluent Treatment Plant can help to dispose the industrial effluent water in an eco-friendly manner. Treatment of these effluents varies based upon the type and nature of effluents. Trisita is a company where we offer wide range of Wastewater Engineering Services from consulting, processing to designing of Effluent Treatment Plant.

Trisita is having strong employee base consists of experienced Structural Engineers, Steel Detailers, Structural Draftsmen and other professionals and they strive to provide sustainable Structural Engineering Services to reduce the environmental impacts. With the collective efforts Trisita is capable to provide consultancy and outsourcing services for all disciplines of Structural Engineering Services and one of them is Wastewater Treatment.

    • Estimates and budgets
    • Engineering and drafting (structural and process for wastewater), including specifications
    • Fabrication of precast concrete elements
    • Fabrication of on-site base slabs (tensioned and non-tensioned bases)
    • Erection of precast elements
    • Installation of mechanical equipment and instrumentation
    • Turnkey Services from conception to completion

In the current era where the planet earth is facing Global Warming where the water resources have become burning issue therefore the requirement of Wastewater Management becomes necessity concern. While designing Effluent Treatment Plant Structure, environmental safety is given more emphasize. Water is an ultimate and unmatchable natural resource. Trisita does understand the value of Water and constantly provide its share to preserve the same. With the innovative and energy efficient solutions for Waste Water Treatment Plant Services the team of Trisita is prepared to take the responsibility to provide shield to this resource sincerely. We deliver solutions for Effluent Treatment Plant Structure is based on accurate step by step procedure, management and disposal of wastewater and ultimately will facilitate to maintain the highest quality of our water resources.

Trisita believes in total customer satisfaction along with environment safeguards. By providing quality water and wastewater treatment plant operations utilizing our dedicated staff of wastewater treatment professionals, we allow our clients the freedom to focus on their core business objectives.

With skilled and dedicated employee strength Trisita is enough efficient to provide state of the art Effluent Treatment Plant Management Services and cater our client across the world with one source solutions. To feel the inbuilt expertise of our Structural Engineering Services in all disciplines review our diverse range of services and believe in Trisita to attend your requirements.