[heading align=”left” title=”FACILITIES MANAGEMENT USING BIM MODELS”]

Trisita integrates BIM model with the facility management system and automates the preventive maintenance program. BIM helps us to connect an existing software package for supplementing data and ensuring robust maintenance. We improve space management through BIM and show facility managers how to make effective space utilization quickly and visually. Moreover, we make building analysis pertaining to sustainability initiatives, like LEED-EBOM. Our BIM model gets continuously updated in association with green goals and acts as a one-stop for identifying, handling and improving new credits for LEED-EBOM recertification. In addition, we streamline change management through BIM and help the facility managers in making effective space configuration. We also help our clients to identify conflicts with the change of purpose or space requirement. Furthermore, we create software packages for the facility managers and allow our BIM model to connect with building’s automation system, facilitating information management and system efficiency.