HVAC Duct Shop Drawings

Trisita provides complete solutions for HVAC Shop Drawings. At Trisita we are committed to serve consistent HVAC Duct Shop Drawing Solutions to large number of Contractors, Engineering Firms, Architects, Real Estate Developers and Individuals worldwide. HVAC Duct Shop Drawings are very important tool for better execution of HVAC project from conception to completion. Trisita is staffed with skilled and experienced team of Mechanical Design Engineers, HVAC Engineers and CAD Technicians to cater HVAC Duct Shop Drawings Services. With an extensive experience and armed with the latest knowledge and equipment, HVAC Duct Design Services, has gained acclaim far and wide.

Trisita delivers high quality CAD services and one of them is HVAC Duct Shop Drawings. Expert team of Steel Detailers is focusing on delivering sound HVAC Duct Shop Drawings for various structures such as Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional etc. To build a sound structure many aspects are incorporated during the designing process and one of them is HVAC System and HVAC Ducting. HVAC Duct Shop Drawings produced at Trisita are up to the mark and conceives every necessary detail that would provide ease to fabricators, erectors and contractors. Our HVAC Duct Shop Drawings consist of following details:

  • Duct Levels
  • Duct Layouts
  • Sizes of Duct and Pipes
  • Sections
  • Air Handling Unit Details
  • HVAC Co-ordination Details
  • Duct Material Specifications
  • Bill of Payment

Trisita is having well established CAD Department with experienced personnel who have gained experienced to cater our clientele by handling Outsource HVAC Duct Shop Drawing Projects. Along with HVAC Shop Drawing we also provide Co-Ordination Details with Architectural and Structural Drawing to get clash report. HVAC Duck Shop Drawing includes duct mark ups, bottom of Duct (BOD), dimensions from nearest structural or architectural member and bill of material. Ducting is coordinated with roof penetrations, diffuser locations and other services like electrical and plumbing.

At the development stage we follow a specific checking process that would reduce mistakes and generate an accurate HVAC Duct Shop Drawing that facilitates our clients with increased productivity. We work with the close participation with our clients and consider their specifications or remark very carefully and also provide them with many alternatives.