Rebar Detailing

In Construction Industry, Rebar is a tensioning device which holds reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures in compression. Rebar detailing is the procedure to convert a structural engineering diagram into detailed set of construction drawings. Rebar Detailing shows the precise placement of the reinforcing steel bars, the parts required to support bars during construction, the fabrication of those bars and the construction cycle.

Trisita is staffed with expert and dedicated structural engineers and steel detailers who are trained with advance and latest software for the development of reinforcement detail drawings. At Trisita quality and consistency are the main parameters focused by the team at the development of Rebar Detailing Projects. Trisita with over a decade of experience has established quite good reputation in serving Steel Detailing Services to our clientele across the world. Our expert team of steel detailers and rebar detailers supervised by experienced Structural Engineers works with team spirit and delivers a wide range of rebar detailing requirements needed by clients from diverse industry sectors. Trisita provides state of the art Structural Detailing Services and Rebar Detailing is one of them. Rebar Detailing Services are inclusive of following details:

  • Rebar overlap detail
  • Connection Details
  • Rebar hook detail
  • Rebar for sloped wall detail
  • Detailing of rebar sizes, dimensions
  • Bar bending schedules
  • Parapet wall rebar detail
  • Rebar placement details
  • Rebar tie details
  • Corner rebar details
  • Rebar estimation

Steel Detailing Team at Trisita possesses sound engineering and technical skills that can be seen in Rebar Detailing outputs executed by our team. They also have keen knowledge to produce detailed rebar drawings complying of all international standards. Our steel detailers and rebar detailers are having the blend of creative talent and artistic sight and this makes Trisita to figure out the industry requirements and cater Rebar Detailing demands in the most effectual manner and at the most economical rates. By outsourcing your Structural Steel Detailing requirements you would gain following benefits:

  • Fast retrieval of information from Rebar Drawings
  • Quick turnaround of Finished drawings
  • Complete number of drawn sections
  • Isometric details are produced from 3D views
  • Cost Savings
  • Fast response upon queries and availability of technical support

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