Residential projects

The profound Industry knowledge with experience in Modern Residential Architecture and Design, Trisita offers Architectural Services for Residential Projects. Trisita’s qualitative Residential Architectural Solutions are born out of a thorough knowledge and imaginative and creative sense of our expert team consists of senior and intelligent Architects, Structural Engineers, 3D Modelers, Detailers, Draftsmen and other professionals. We provide Architectural Engineering Solutions as after clear understanding of the clients’ specific requirements and desires. Residential Architectural Projects completed by our team consist of latest technology trends and planning is made in an optimum manner that every inch of given space is planned properly and also provide enough provision for future expansion. Residential Planning is one of the core spheres among Architectural Engineering disciplines and the same require optimum Architectural Planning skills as it may reflect the imagination and specifications of an individual or Home Owner and at Trisita our Architects works with the close participation and involvement of our clients with their specifications and we also provide 3D Architectural Visualization Services that ultimately converts clients dream house in reality on digital site. With collective efforts and strong teamwork has made Trisita a place where we can handle any type of Residential Projects irrespective of complexity or simplicity involved with it and equal quality standards and a special attention is always there to maintain International Standards. We have handled following types of Residential Projects, such as:

  • Bungalows
  • Twin Tenements
  • Flats: High Rise and Low Rise
  • Duplex Flats and Bungalows
  • Villas
  • Farm Houses
  • Single and Multi Family Dwelling
  • Apartment Houses
  • Remodel/Repair/Renovation

At Trisita with the collaborative efforts we have handled various Residential Projects consisting diversity from traditional to modern, rural to urban, and often include Green Concepts and Sustainable Architectural Design elements. The Modern Residential Architecture and Design executed by Trisita is eye-catching and artistically appealing, attention to detail and client’s unique lifestyle requirements make the designs proficient and functional.

The Architectural Engineering team at Trisita provides optimum solution for entire Residential Projects Development are innovative in a way that they connect materials with location, developing spaces that are elegant, well-organized and fit for human habitation. Trisita possesses experience in serving clientele across the world and our offered services are highly appreciated by our clients due to their timely delivery and within budgetary limits. Our experts with high end project management skills lead the project and provide excellent services in the fragment of Residential Project Management with following quality purposes.

  • Improved development schedules to meet the ever changing expectations of our esteemed clients.
  • Complete projects within pre specified time schedules with 100% quality.
  • Enhance the capabilities of our experts through continuous training and development programs.
  • Observe and hold to Environmental, health and safety standards with the goal as “Zero-Accident” on construction site.
  • Allocate and utilize financial and physical resources in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • To develop our vendors and sub contractors to enhance their capabilities with a view to providing quality services.

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