Shop Drawing

Our Shop /Installation drawings facilitate workshop fabrication and on-site installation and are generated automatically from the HVAC models. We create Shop Drawings in accordance with the project standards and help the contractors, suppliers, fabricators and manufacturers during construction. Our Shop Drawings include Penetration Drawings, Sleeve Drawings, Insert Layout Drawings and Spool Drawings. We produce the exact sleeves, penetration & hanger locations from our BIM models and the drawings can be downloaded directly into GPS instruments on site for making fast & accurate layout. Our shop drawings include all information for the engineers and architects as per the approved submittals, design drawings and other specifications.

MEP Shop Drawing: We produce MEP Shop drawing from single to double line diagram, specifying elevation and dimension. Our coordination drawings are prepared with color code for easy removal of clashes. We create sheet metal or fabrication drawings for duct fabricator and contractors as per SMACNA standards.

HVAC Shop Drawings: We make duct shop drawings according to SMACNA standards with essential linings and insulation thickness. We ensure coordination between other mechanical piping and sprinklers, considering the beam height and drop ceiling levels. Moreover, we prepare sheet metal drafting as per sheet metal standards and make duct fabrication detail drawings.

Piping Shop drawings: We create mechanical piping shop drawings in accordance with contract drawings and revise them as per site survey notes. We ensure coordination between other services like gravity pipes and sprinkler pipes, while preparing shop drawings and redirect the drawings as per drop ceiling levels and beam height to avoid clashes. We place pipe trims in exact location as per submittal.